Glasgow City Council has now established the first ‘no go

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moncler outlet online Get daily updates directly to your inboxSubscribeSee our privacy noticeMore newslettersThe Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland have moncler outlet mall accused Glasgow City Council moncler jackets of «discrimination in its purest form» after being forced to change an upcoming parade route.The organisation claims council chiefs have created moncler coats for kids the city’s first » religious no go zone» after they took the decision to ban this weekend’s walk from passing an east end church where a priest was allegedly assaulted last month.(Image: PA)Cannon Tom White is alleged to have been spat on and verbally abused outside St Alphonsus’ on London Road as the Orange Walk marched past on July 7. A 24 year old man has since been charged.Due to heightened tensions in the area, the lodge agreed to postpone a march that was due to pass the moncler chicago church on July 21.The rearranged march is taking place on Saturday, August 25, and council officials asked the lodge to re route it away from St Alphonsus.Police Scotland were also worried about potential disruption and violence if the march went ahead as planned.However, the Orange Order refused to change their route voluntarily.As a result the council called a moncler outlet ny special meeting of their Public Processions Committee today where councillors were asked to decide on the route of the march.Councillors voted to re moncler jacket online route the march away from St Alphonsus.If the marcher’s do not comply with the councillors’ decision it becomes a matter for Police.The Orange Order are unhappy with the decision and have branded it discrimination.Police warn of ‘potential violence’ as Orange Order refuse to re route march moncler jackets outlet away from church where priest was allegedly ‘attacked’A spokesman for the Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland said: «We are moncler outlet usa extremely concerned at the decision today to re route a parade and effectively ban us from moncler coats certain streets.»It is discrimination in its purest form. Glasgow City Council has now established the first ‘no go zones’ in Glasgow based purely on Moncler Outlet your religion.»We offered numerous concessions, including moving the parade to a different day, continued discussion and dialogue, and we identified the times of services moncler outlet uk at St Alphonsus Church and offered to move the time of the parade to ensure that we avoided those services.»All of this was rejected. moncler outlet online

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