During the next half decade, Rodney dug deeper by covering the

We need mobile phones to function in our modern day lives. Save now on some of the latest mobile phones with promo codes from The Telegraph. Use our online sales to get the best deals, order quickly and easily or to compare prices and features. During the next half decade, Rodney dug deeper by covering the city’s music and culture scenes with an anthropological bent, historical arc and a critical eye. As the city began to be reshaped by cultural upheaval and shifting socioeconomics, he focused on Atlanta’s creative economy expanding from music to include film, TV and tech and the ways it impacts the character of a city that has long grappled with its identity as a New South gateway, black mecca, human rights hub, strip club capital and hip hop hotbed. Rodney attempts to make sense of that nexus and all the intersecting identity politics.

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