For three hours, 26 people hide in a bunker terrified they

The war in the desert

Five years ago, Islamist occupiers were driven out of canada goose outlet the historical town but violent extremists canada goose uk shop have never been far away.

A few people are browsing through the silver jewellery and leatherwork at a small Tuareg curio market by the security checkpoint at the airport entrance.

canada goose outlet niagara falls It’s on the outskirts of town and both French troops and UN peacekeepers have set up what they call a «super cheap canada goose uk camp» there. canada goose outlet niagara falls

At this canada goose factory sale sleepy time of day, people are working inside their air conditioned containers canada goose store and all that can be heard is the low hum of generators.

Everyone whether inside the base or shopping at the market knows immediately they have less than 30 seconds to reach a bunker.

canada goose factory outlet toronto location The early warning sirens mean a mortar or rocket attack is incoming. canada goose factory outlet toronto location

One of the shop owners, Amadou (not his real name) knows what to do he rushes everyone at the market, including four American soldiers, into a small buy canada goose jacket cheap bunker nearby.

canada goose outlet edmonton Twenty six people are crammed canada goose coats on sale into the small space protected by sandbags five of them young children. canada goose outlet edmonton

Then comes the terrifying whistle Canada Goose online and crash of mortars.

canada goose jacket uk About Canada Goose Jackets a dozen cut through the hazy, sand soaked sky, exploding in and around the super camp next to the terminal. canada goose jacket uk

Amadou can see the American soldiers are keen to get to their car and back inside the camp, but he tells them to wait for an all clear. That saves their lives.

canada goose outlet london Troops at the first checkpoint are on high alert because of the mortar attack. canada goose outlet london

But two Malian military Canada Goose Online vehicles race up, apparently desperate to get inside. Their vehicles aren’t armoured and they uk canada goose are out in the open.

Neither stop to be searched as they swing around the sand filled bollards at the gate and accelerate through the checkpoint.

From his hiding place in the bunker, Amadou hears the car and then the scream of «Allahu Akbar [God is greatest]», just before a huge explosion a few metres away.

The first suicide bomber has detonated his Canada Goose Outlet explosives laden vehicle at the first checkpoint, clearing the way for a second bomber to speed through.

canada goose outlet locations in toronto The blast rumbles through the camp and canada goose coats the atmosphere inside the bunker changes dramatically. canada goose outlet locations in toronto

The children start crying as gunfire erupts around them. But the Islamist fighters don’t know they are there.

canada goose outlet shop Amadou can see people are about to flee the bunker in fear, but the US troops tell everyone to stay down and stay quiet. That saves their lives. canada goose outlet shop

canada goose outlet montreal Further up canada goose black friday sale the road, the second bomber accelerates towards French soldiers guarding their section of the camp and explodes right in front of them. canada goose outlet montreal

With the outer defences breached, jihadist foot soldiers in Malian military uniforms rush in at least three of them wearing suicide vests and so begins an intense battle.

The airport terminal building is almost destroyed.

canada goose outlet ottawa For three hours, the attackers are cheap Canada Goose repelled. For three hours, 26 people hide in a bunker terrified they will be found and killed. The four American soldiers are armed only with pistols. canada goose outlet ottawa

They radio for help but it is only after 18:00, as the Sun is setting, that the gunfire finally stops and a rescue party reaches them.

As everyone in the bunker is rushed inside the super camp, Amadou sees the dead body of an attacker lying close to what is left of his store.

canada goose womens outlet But then comes a third car bomb again at the main Canada Goose Coats On Sale gate perhaps to help the surviving attackers retreat. A fourth unexploded car bomb is found later. canada goose womens outlet

One UN peacekeeper, from Burkino Faso, was killed and seven others were canada goose uk black friday seriously injured. Seven French soldiers and two civilians were also badly hurt.



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